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Still Progressing After Five Years

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Posted byDominic Galla

Dom couldn't have put his language skills to much better use at Eurostaff.  Starting off as a researcher with us, Dom has worked in many locations across Europe and expanded his knowledge of multiple technical disciplines.

Despite what you may think, his hair loss is not a result of working at Eurostaff. We promise.


For Dominic Galla the past five years his career has been kind to him and he has not only learnt and achieved a lot, but he has enjoyed a lot too. 

Eurostaff ensures he can have a well established successful career and along with this live the high life in rewards; dining in top restaurants, flying off to some desirable locations and whilst he enjoys these incentives he has climbed the ranks to become a well-respected Business Unit Manager growing a successful team around him, working in Belgium, Scandinavia and Finland and recently hosting a Eurostaff Connect Meetup in Stockholm; it is safe to say he has a very diverse job role that keeps everyday different…

Our next Eurostaff Connect Grads MeetUp is Friday, 2 June, 4.30pm and focused on shedding light to all about what a career in recruitment entails. Leah will be sharing her journey so far with all those who attend - if this sounds of interest to you, please do not hesitate to come along. RSVP here.

What has been your biggest achievement working at Eurostaff?

Hopefully achieving all the big milestones that we have set for ourselves, I myself have climbed the ranks, it has been challenging but who does not want to be challenged, as soon as you start getting comfortable in your role that is when you need to look at how you can progress! 

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love seeing people join and grow not only their careers but also their personalities and their financial power. I find this incredibly inspirational and am happy to be able to work with so many funny, bright & driven individuals on improving their careers and lifestyles.

Which incentives have Eurostaff rewarded you with for your hard work?

Loads. From holidays, lunch clubs, a recent one being Hawksmoor steak restaurant and personalised incentives that suit my individual requirements, to an incredibly competitive uncapped bonus scheme – I have been very well looked after, and not many can say their job cares for them like mine does. Work hard and at Eurostaff you are rewarded, simple!

Any words of wisdom for new specialists joining the Eurostaff team?

You should join my team if you want to recruit at the forefront of technical innovations like automated driving, deep learning methodologies, cloud-based technology or trailblazing medical devices… These technologies are now and our future, they are constantly changing and therefore business requirements are also – that is why my team and so essential.

Want to join Dom and his growing team, working in different countries and immersing yourself in new cultures specialising in technologies that shape our today and future? Drop Dom an email today: or connect on LinkedIn.


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