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If you’ve been working in recruitment for any length of time then there will be moments in your career when you would have asked yourself “Is this job the same at every company?” or “I wonder if I could progress quicker elsewhere?” or even “Will I get the chance to start my own team, let alone office?”

The consultants at Eurostaff already know the answers to these questions. No, No and Yes.

The world is becoming increasingly connected with companies and jobs all interlinked in some way and Eurostaff is at the centre of this. We work in the IT & Innovation and Professional Services sectors which, despite what some may think, crossover on a regular basis.


You’ve probably read 100s of adverts for recruiters claiming that: their company is growing the fastest ; that their training is the best you can find; the consultants are always travelling to Miami, Vegas and have offices on beaches; the commission is “industry-leading” and so forth. We’ll make no such claims here. We want you to find out yourself by speaking to us and judging for yourself.


The bottom line is that we are looking for ambitious, experienced recruiters to join us at our London headquarters. We want entrepreneurial individuals who want to build a business within a business whether in the UK or in a European city. 
We’re not a company of micromanagement but one thing we will promise is that we’ll provide you with the tools, technology and advice to complement your skills in order to make you one of the best recruiters in the industry. 
We’re pushing the boundaries in terms of utilising non-traditional methods of attracting candidates. We are utilising innovative “people” software internally to ensure your experience of working with us is rewarding in more ways than just salary.


You’ll already have a proven recruitment background in the sector you operate in and will be able to demonstrate this with your billings and knowledge of the roles and companies you recruit for. The ability to converse in a second European language will be a bonus in a diverse environment like ours where 10 different languages are spoken.


We are ambitious in wanting to change the way our candidates and clients think about recruitment and we want you to think about a career in recruitment differently as well. We are creating a community at Eurostaff and we want that community to grow with people who are as proud of us as those who already work here.

If you are interested in coming on the journey with us then please get in touch – we’d love to tell you more -  drop us an email with a CV to: or use the upload CV option on this website.

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